April 24 2015

Looking for a position?

Looking for a position? The FMRQ can help you in the steps you take to obtain a position in Quebec. Take a look at this video, and share it. You may also visit our site at to find out about all the services offered to medical residents. (only available in French)

April 20 2015

Excelsior Awards 2015

The deadline for sending the FMRQ your nominations has been pushed back to Friday, May 1, 2015, at 5 pm.

Awards for $750, including one reserved for family medicine residents, as well as a certificate will be presented to each of the five award winners as part of the activities to mark Medical Resident Day.

The promotional materials and the nomination form are attached.

We look forward to your participation.

FMRQ Resident Wellness Committee

April 07 2015

Symposium on PREMs in family medicine and medical resident day

Invitation to all R1s

Don’t miss the Symposium on PREMs in family medicine  and medical resident day
Friday, May 22, from 4 PM

March 26 2015


Jusqu’au 15 avril 2015, les résident(e)s et leur conjoint(e) bénéficient d’un tarif spécial pour la production de leur rapport d’impôt.

March 24 2015

Bill 20

View the FMRQ’s presentation of its brief on Bill 20 live at 5 pm tonight (March 24) on the web under VIDEO

February 12 2015

Excelsior Awards 2015

The Fédération des médecins résidents du Québec is today launching the nomination process for the 2015 Excelsior Awards, to underscore medical residents’ involvement in their workplace and training environment. The jury will give preference to projects that have an impact on nominees’ own community and the medical community, and those offering the prospect of enhancing medical residents’ health and wellness.

February 06 2015

Faute d'écoute, on bâillonne

FMRQ asks for attitude change and open discussion for once with Health Minister Barrette. (French only)

February 04 2015


If your program is holding a Career Day or if you wish  to plan an activity on PREMs, don’t hesitate to contact the VP for Physician resources from your association or Marilyn Gagnon-Huot, coordinator for physician resources at the FMRQ

February 02 2015

Suicide Prevention Week

According to the WHO, around the world there’s a suicide every 40 seconds, and a suicide attempt every 3 seconds, for a total of 1 million suicides a year. In Quebec alone, 1,102 people took their own lives in 2012. From February 1 to 7, 2015, let’s raise the awareness of those around us on the occasion of the 25th Suicide Prevention Week in Quebec, whose theme this year is: You’re important to us. Suicide isn’t an option.  For further information, visit

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