December 23 2015


After many interventions by the FMRQ, the Ministry of Health and Social Services just confirmed this morning that the PREMs in family medicine and the PEMs in the other specialties for 2016 had been signed by the Minister and will be made available shortly.

December 20 2015

PREM en MF 2016 Vous voulez réagir aux changements sur les PREM en médecine familiale?

Acheminez ce message au ministre Barrette et au président de la FMOQ par courriel à et


December 10 2015

Moratorium on awarding of 2016 PREM positions in family medicine - FMRQ response

Many of you have been asking us about the awarding of 2016 PREM positions in family medicine. A large number of you have told us of your highly legitimate concerns in view of the current situation.

November 24 2015

Presentations on PREMs in FM and other specialties

The Federation is continuing its presentations on regional physician resource plans (PREMs) in family medicine and other specialties, in the four medical faculties.

November 24 2015

Year-end holidays

Each year, confirmation of days’ leave for the year-end holiday period causes headaches, for both medical residents and those responsible in the establishments. Your leave is governed by your collective agreement.

November 23 2015

Release of medical residents to take part in academic committees/Validity of rotation

The Conference of Associate Deans for Postgraduate Medical Education supports medical residents’ involvement in the work of faculty, provincial or federal committees in connection with postgraduate education . . .


November 22 2015

Comprehensive accreditation visit of postgraduate education programs and sites – University of Sherbrooke

The comprehensive visit of UdS . . . is being held April 6-9, 2016.

November 14 2015

PEM position available in anesthesiology in Outaouais (Pontiac Hospital)

An anesthetist position is currently available at Pontiac Hospital, in Outaouais. Medical residents interested in obtaining the position . . .

October 07 2015

20th Quebec Career Day – a huge success

On October 2, 2015, the FMRQ held its 20th Quebec Career Day. The event might have been expected to run out of steam, with the PEMs, PREMs, Bills and other measures imposed over the years—but that was far from the case. More than 850 medical residents took part in the visit to the information booths of 120 health system establishments. The Sarros lunch, promoting practice in the regions, was attended by close to 500 residents. FMRQ president, Dr Annie Trépanier, and the Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr Gaétan Barrette, addressed those present. A panel highlighting the practice of four women doctors in remote regions dispelled a number of persistent myths concerning practice in the regions.

October 06 2015

Federal elections on October 19, 2015

Three Hours to go and Vote – It’s your Right!

On October 19 will take place the general election in Canada. Your employer must allow time for you to vote, it’s the law !

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