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May 07 2019

Excelsior Awards: Congratulations to our 2019 recipients!

On May 3, 2019, the FMRQ revealed the names of the recipients of the 2019 Excelsior Awards, in the context of Medical Resident Day. The Excelsior Awards are intended to underscore medical residents’ involvement in original, innovative projects, initiated by them or to which they have contributed significantly, which meet a need among residents and/or the community at large, in that they contribute, directly or indirectly, to enhancing resident and community wellness.

Five awards were made, one for a representative of each medical resident association in Quebec, and one for projects from family medicine residents.

The 2019 Excelsior Award for McGill University goes to Sena Turkdogan, an R2 in surgery, for her Precare project. Precare is a creative, web-based animation guide made for patients and their families to guide them through pre-operative preparation, illustrating what to expect from their upcoming surgery, and advises them on how to promptly and safely recover postoperatively.

The 2019 Excelsior Award for Laval University goes to Frantz-Daniel Lafortune, an R2 in family medicine, for his project to raise awareness and teach about overdiagnosis. This project involves creating a teaching module addressing the concepts of overdiagnosis, overmedication, and overtreatment for family medicine residents in all Quebec medical schools.

The 2019 Excelsior Award for the University of Sherbrooke goes to Pascal Laferrière-Langlois, an R5 in anesthesiology, for his MedAcademia project. This project aims to set up a reference platform centralizing audiovisual resources for clinical instruction – podcasts, online training, video clips from scientific journals, etc. – across all medical and surgical specialties.

The 2019 Excelsior Award for the University of Montreal goes to Sarah-Émilie Racine-Hamel and her team, for Résident Sentinelle. This project aims in the short term to raise the proportion of residents made aware of distress-related issues and enhance knowledge of the tools and services available for medical residents, so as to establish a culture of vigilance and caring.

Finally, the 2019 Excelsior Award for family medicine goes to Rodrigo Alejandro Flores-Soto, an R2 in FM, for his project to distribute medical books in Madagascar. To come to the aid of Malagasy medical students, he personally collected 250 kg of medical literature which he shipped, at his own expense, to the Faculty of Medicine library in Madagascar.

Each winning project received a certificate and a $750 bursary.

Congratulations to all the 2019 Excelsior Award winners.