September 18 2017


Did you know?

The ALDO-Québec information session, provided by the Collège des médecins du Québec, is mandatory for all residents. It provides information about the legal, ethical and organizational aspects of medical practice in Quebec.  If you haven’t participated in an ALDO-Québec information session, you won’t receive your permit to practice. 

ALDO-Québec is dispensed in English (McGill) and in French on a regular basis, in the three university cities and can be done any time during your residency. There are no exams linked to this session. Make sure you register in time so that you do not delay the issue of your permit to practice.

Visit the website for more information. Here is the schedule for ALDO-Québec information sessions in different cities. The 2018 schedule should be available soon.

Click here to register.

Please feel free to contact the FMRQ if you have any questions.
514 282-0256
1 800 465-0215