Dr Jessica Ruel-Laliberté

Dr Jessica Ruel-Laliberté, the fourth woman to be FMRQ President, is currently an R5 in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Sherbrooke. Since she first started her undergraduate medical studies, she was very involved with her colleagues, in particular as President of Laval University’s medical students group (RÉMUL) and President of the Fédération médicale étudiante du Québec (FMEQ). She has also sat on the CaRMS Board, and the Standing Advisory Panel on Physician Resource Planning in Quebec. Since entering residency, she has developed a passion for research and health management. Following two terms as chairperson of the Physician Resource Planning Committee (CPEM), she continued to defend her colleagues’ interests last year, as FMRQ Vice-President, both on the Executive Committee and as chair of both the CPEM and the Resident Wellness Committee (CBER). 


Dr Alex Vignola
Vice president

Dr Alex Vignola received his MD from the University of Montreal, Mauricie Campus, in 2016. He is currently an R5 in Cardiology at the University of Sherbrooke. On entering residency, he became involved as an AMRM delegate, going on at the Association des médecins résidents de Sherbrooke (AMReS) for two years as Vice-President for Union Affairs. As FMRQ Director responsible for Union Affairs for the past two years, he was primarily responsible for local mobilization during the most recent collective agreement negotiations, and for following up on issues relating to resident doctors’ work conditions. Over the coming year, his position as Vice-President will enable him to continue defending his colleagues’ interests in all areas of FMRQ activity, and contributing to advancing major issues at the Federation. He will also be responsible for the work of the FMRQ Resident Wellness Committee (CBER) and Physician Resource Planning Committee (CPEM). 


Dr Éric Guimond

Dr Éric Guimond is entering his second year in a row as FMRQ Secretary-Treasurer. In that role, he will continue actively contributing to the analysis of Federation-wide issues, and the management of issues on the FMRQ Board of Directors, with regard to financial matters, but also in connection with all areas of Federation activity. Over the past year, in addition to his involvement in files specific to the office of the Secretary, preparing budgets, and tracking the FMRQ’s finances, he took part in managing our Policy for Socially and Ecologically Responsible Action, proposing tangible steps for reducing the FMRQ’s carbon footprint and offsetting its carbon emissions through the funding of green projects. He is currently an R5 in Anesthesiology at the University of Sherbrooke Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. In 2017-2018, he sat on the Association des médecins résidents de Sherbrooke (AMReS) Board as Vice-President, Physician Resources, and on the FMRQ’s Physician Resource Planning Committee (CPEM). He then became President of AMReS, and an FMRQ director for two years, before becoming Federation Secretary-Treasurer. 

Dr Gabriel Lavoie
Director from AMRM 

Dr Gabriel Lavoie is an R4 in Respirology at the University of Montreal Faculty of Medicine, where he also earned his MD. He has been involved in his training environment since Cegep. Having worked in the Fédération médicale étudiante du Québec (FMEQ), he became involved in his Association and the Federation as soon as he entered residency. Starting out as a delegate, he was then for the last two years Vice-President, Union Affairs with the Association des médecins résidents de Montréal (AMRM), also sitting on the FMRQ’s Union Affairs Committee. This year, he intends to play an active role in discussions concerning renewal of our collective agreement. He is also interested in projects relating to resident doctors’ health and wellness, having taken part in setting up and maintaining the AMRM’s Résident Sentinelle committee, a project for which he received the FMRQ’s Excelsior Award. During his undergraduate medical studies, he held various positions on the FMEQ, the International Federation of Medical Students' Associations (IFMSA), and the University of Montreal’s medical student association (AÉÉMUM). 

Dr Sanela Music
Director from ARM

Dr Sanela Music is currently an R6 in her final year of Cardiology at the McGill University Faculty of Medicine, where she also earned her MD. During her residency, she has represented her fellow resident doctors on several bodies, including the Quebec Association of Cardiologists (ACQ), and as Chief Resident in her faculty’s Internal Medicine program. She has also been involved since the start of her medical training on various local, national, and international committees and organizations invested in the quality of training and global health. For the coming year, she has chosen to place her skills at the service of her colleagues on the Association of Residents of McGill (ARM). She is interested in research, too, and already has several publications to her name. She sees herself headed for a career in a university or a university-affiliated community practice. 

Dr Florence Côté
Director from AMReQ

Dr Florence Côté is an R5 in Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases at Laval University, where she also earned her MD. In 2021-2022, she will represent her colleagues from the Association des médecins résidents de Québec (AMReQ) as President for the second year in a row, after two years as Board member responsible for communications. In that time at AMReQ, she has been involved in analysing Laval University’s regulation concerning sexual violence, and in updating the Academic Regulations. Last year, she also helped draft the Association’s first sustainable development action plan. Since enrolling in medicine, Dr Côté has contributed to different organizations and many causes. She was on the Board of the Laval postgraduate student association (AELIÉS) from 2017 to 2019, President of Citoyenneté jeunesse in 2016-2017, and student representative on the Laval University Board of Directors. She was Vice-President, External Affairs with the Laval University confederation of student associations (CADEUL) in 2014-2015, and with the Laval University medical students group (RÉMUL) from 2012 to 2014. 


Dr Maxime Morin-Lavoie
Director from AMReS

Dr Maxime-Morin Lavoie is an R2 in Internal Medicine at the University of Sherbrooke. He completed his MD at the University of Montreal Mauricie campus, after studying bioinformatics and biomedical sciences. He became involved with his colleagues from the outset of his medical studies, and notably was President of the Fédération médicale étudiante du Québec in 2019-2020. He joined the FMRQ’s Physician Resource Planning Committee (CPEM) from his first year of residency. He has held several roles representing his fellow students and residents on Quebec and Canada-wide healthcare and education bodies. He has a strong interest in research.


Dr Sarah Daigle
Director responsible for Academic Affairs – Specialties

Dr Sarah Daigle is currently an R3 in Internal Medicine at Laval University, where she also earned her MD, after graduating in Health Sciences from Université de Moncton, NB. Interested in academic affairs since starting her training, she has been involved with the FMRQ for the past two years, first as Deputy VP, then as VP, Academic Affairs – Specialties with AMReQ and the FMRQ, and has sat on various Royal College committees, notably the Committee on Specialty Education, Committee on Specialties, and Assessment Committee. She is familiar with the major issues concerning training, and well versed in the impact of the implementation of Competence by Design (CBD) in residency programs, being enrolled in such a program herself. Indeed, it is these changes in structure and pedagogical approach that energize her and have prompted her involvement to date. During 2021-2022, she intends to continue her predecessors’ efforts to promote excellence in training, while taking part in the discussion of the other issues that affect resident doctors.


Dr Maxim Bastarache
Director responsible for Academic Affairs – Family Medicine

Dr Maxim Bastarache becomes Director responsible for Academic Affairs – Family Medicine after being a member of CAP-MF for a year in 2020-2021. He holds both a Bachelor and a Master of Science in Nursing and an MD, all from McGill University. He is currently an R2 in Family Medicine at the University of Montreal’s Sacré-Cœur FMU. Engaged in academic issues for several years, notably with the Medical Students’ Society of McGill (MSS), Fédération médicale étudiante du Québec (FMEQ), then Association des médecins résidents de Montréal (AMRM), he has sat on various committees, including the Chief Residents Panel, Family Medicine Program Committee, and Postgraduate Medical Education Committee of his faculty. Last year, he was much involved in increasing resident doctors’ clinical exposure, an aspect of training very hard hit during the pandemic, and still a topical issue. He is also interested in the different measures that help enhance his fellow residents’ health and wellness. During his upcoming mandate, he intends to make his contribution on different FMRQ internal and external committees, in particular the College of Family Physicians of Canada Accreditation Committee, one of the major challenges for CAP-MF being to ensure that accreditation surveys include accreditation for each individual family medicine unit. 

Dr Amélie Deschamps
Director responsible for Union Affairs

Dr Amélie Deschamps is currently an R5 in Endocrinology and Metabolism at the University of Sherbrooke, where she also completed her MD. She has been involved at various levels since she began her medical training, in particular acting since the start of her residency as resident doctor representative on the Endocrinology and Metabolism Program Committee. Prior to that, she was Vice-President, Union Affairs with the AMReS, also sitting on the FMRQ Union Affairs Committee, and was her Association’s delegate for medical specialties. She is interested in research and humanitarian aid. Over the coming year, Dr Deschamps hopes to work with her fellow Board members on, among other things, negotiations for renewal of the collective agreement to garner recognition of the major role played by resident physicians in Quebec’s healthcare system. 


Me Patrice Savignac Dufour
Executive Director

Patrice Savignac Dufour has been Executive Director of the FMRQ since 2016, having joined the Federation in 2013 as Director, Legal Affairs, then as Deputy Executive Director. A manager and lawyer by training, Me Savignac Dufour previously worked as an executive, advisor, attorney, or director with different socio-political and labour union groups. A member of the Quebec Bar, he holds a postgraduate diploma (DESS) in management from HEC Montréal. He maintains a constant watch on issues that have or could have an impact on our members. 


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