Expenses eligible for reimbursement

The Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS) requires us to alter certain operational rules concerning reimbursement of rotation expenses. Thus, reimbursements for elective rotations and recommended elective rotations will be made in the fall following the end of the academic year during which the rotation was performed, to permit the available budget for reimbursement of the different expenses to be evaluated.

  • Travel expenses: one statutory return trip per 28-day period, at a maximum rate of $0.43 per km (automobile) or payment of transportation by train or bus. Air travel is reimbursed if the rotation is more than 800 km from the place of residence and the cost of the air ticket is less than the cost of using a car.

  • N.B.: Owing to a disagreement with the MSSS, we are not in a position to pay any additional travel expenses. Nevertheless, if you have incurred additional travel expenses, you must apply for reimbursement of those expenses, since payment could be made retroactively once the disagreement has been resolved. At year end, when expenses for all mandatory, recommended elective and elective rotations have been reimbursed, additional return trips could be reimbursed upon presentation of supporting documents (gas receipts, etc.) if the funds are still available in the budgets allocated to the associations.

  • Accommodation expenses: a maximum of $580 per 28-day rotation period is granted to residents performing rotations at least 50 km from their place of residence, except when the establishment provides accommodation.

  • Living expenses: A maximum of $225 per 28-day period is granted, except when the establishment provides food.