Student loans

During your maternity or parental leave, you can defer repayment of your student loan contracted under the Quebec government’s loans and bursaries program for a period of 12 months for the mother (four months during pregnancy and eight months after the birth of the child) and eight months for the father.

To do so, you must complete the “Temporary Interruption of Studies–Application to Postpone Repayment of Student Debt” form available on the Quebec government’s Student Financial Assistance Web site ( or from your university’s financial aid office.

You have to have pursued your studies for at least one month during the six months preceding the event justifying your application. If you do not return to your studies during the month following the period of temporary interruption of your studies, the government financial aid office (Aide financière aux études) will consider you to have abandoned your studies at the end of that period. So you must forward to the financial aid office of the Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sports (MELS) a form confirming that you have regained your student status. This form is available from your university’s financial aid office.