Special conditions during pregnancy (cf. Article 26.25)

Since the intensity of risk factors varies enormously from one rotation to another, it is up to the resident, from the start of the pregnancy, to talk with her program director in order to alter, if necessary, the order of rotations during the pregnancy. To facilitate this exercise, it is preferable to discuss this question early in your pregnancy, since rearranging your rotations may have an impact on the sequence of the rotations carried out by your colleagues.

From the start of your pregnancy, you may not work more than eight hours per day when you are not on call.

From the 20th week of pregnancy, you may demand to be relieved of your call duty. Pregnant residents working in the emergency room or any other department operating on a shift basis must be exempted from night shifts from the 20th week of pregnancy. They must also have two straight days off per week. Note, however, that with the exception of the two weekends off, these days do not necessarily have to be a Saturday and Sunday.

We remind you that you do not have to ask anyone for permission, but you must notify your program director and agree with him as to the conditions that will enable you to fulfil the objectives of the current rotation.