Sick leave (cf. article 28)

Sick leave bank (cf. Article 28.25)

All residents are entitled to 9.6 days’ paid short-term sick leave per year. If these days of leave are not taken as of June 30 of a given year, they are reimbursed. Payment is made no later than the following July 15.

Sickness benefits (cf. Article 28.15)

In case of absence on sick leave, the resident will receive 100% of his salary for the first five days (deducted from the bank of 9.6 days); from the sixth day until the 104th week, he will receive 80% of his salary, excluding call and teaching premiums. Subsequently, if the disability continues, it will be covered by La Capitale Insurance company, at the rate of 80% of his salary, including call and teaching premiums.

Note that any authorized absence of more than 30 days interrupts the accumulation of sick days. A resident whose period of disability exceeds 12 months ceases in that case to accumulate days of annual leave.


To confirm a sick leave, the resident may have to provide the establishment with a medical certificate detailing the diagnosis and the anticipated duration of the leave. The resident is not, however, required to make the necessary changes to the call schedule in those circumstances.