Statutory Holidays (cf. article 23)

The establishment shall recognize and observe during the year thirteen (13) paid statutory holidays. These holidays shall be noted on a list drawn up by the establishment and given to each resident by July 1 of each year at the latest. Without limiting the foregoing number of statutory holidays, the resident shall benefit from the paid statutory holidays observed in the establishment where he is on rotation.

Christmas and New Year’s holiday period

At Christmas or New Year’s, the resident shall be entitled to take five (5) consecutive days’ leave, including Christmas Day or New Year’s Day. Days other than statutory holidays and weekend days included in this leave shall be deducted from annual vacation and accumulated statutory holidays, as the resident chooses.

Taking statutory holidays

When the resident is required to work during one of the statutory holidays, he may accumulate all these holidays.

These holidays so accumulated shall be taken, after agreement with the establishment, at any time during the year.

Payment for statutory holidays

At the resident’s request, however, the establishment shall pay him for each of these accumulated holidays compensation equal to one one-hundred-and-thirtieth (1/130) of his annual salary, as well as paying him for the statutory holiday at the regular rate.