Where to perform moonlighting

You may perform replacements only when positions are vacant, i.e., in settings which have positions (PEMs) that are not filled, or positions in remote or poorly served regions.

Working on one’s own PEM during postgraduate education/fellowship

Any doctor performing a fellowship but already holding a position (PEM) in an establishment may moonlight there in the position he was granted, in the specialty of that PEM. For instance, a terminating resident performing a fellowship in Electrophysiology may take on part of his hospital task within the facility or establishment that will be hosting him in Cardiology. It is essential that the hospital/establishment in question previously confirm his privileges to him, and that the privileges be in effect before the candidate takes up the position.


If you decide to take steps to obtain your permit to practise and perform moonlighting, make sure you will be able to obtain privileges in that site. The fees associated with the permit to practise are paid only once during practice (except for those obtaining a second certificate, who will have to pay a fee for converting their permit). In any case, the membership fee (initial registration on the Collège membership roll) is payable once a year.