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June 25 2015

Excelsior Awards

2015 Excelsior Award winners

The Excelsior Awards have provided the Federation with an opportunity to acknowledge the contribution of five medical residents to health, wellness and their university and local communities. This year, the Federation received 21 nominations in five categories. Our congratulations go to the four recipients, Drs Géraldine Godmaire-Duhaime (AMReQ), Ji Wei Yang (AMRM), David-Martin Milot (AMReS) and Martin Kuuskne (ARM), and to the winner of the Excelsior Award in family medicine, Dr Louis-Charles Moreau (AMReQ). Each recipient received a certificate of recognition along with a cheque for $750.

Dr Ji Wei Yang
is an R3 in Internal Medicine at the University of Montreal. She is a strong believer in health promotion, and is actively involved in promoting health within various organizations: the health ministry of Quebec Seventh-day Adventist churches, Association des médecins haïtiens à l’étranger (Association of Haitian doctors abroad) and Groupe UdeM Haïti glaucome (University of Montreal Haiti glaucoma group). She gives talks in the community to raise public awareness of such health issues as hypertension, metabolic syndrome and sleep apnea. In November 2014, she co‑ordinated a 20-person mission to Haiti, with a view to holding general medicine and glaucoma-screening clinics in four locations, in conjunction with local Haitian doctors, in order to provide them with tools for their work. This candidate combined leadership, expertise-sharing and generosity.



Dr Géraldine Godmaire-Duhaime
is an R3 in Psychiatry at Laval University in Quebec City. A lawyer by training, she regularly organizes and collaborates in presentations on the ethical and medico-legal aspects of medicine. Her knowledge of Native and constitutional law acquired at the Quebec Ministry of Justice is a key asset that she places at her colleagues’ service. She also plays an active role in various bodies, including the ethics committee of the Laval psychiatry resident association and the faculty’s professionalism and social accountability office. She also organized a teaching half-day for psychiatry residents and professors interested in the ethical aspects of the Act respecting end-of-life care.



Dr David-Martin Milot
is an R3 in Community Health and Preventive Medicine at the University of Sherbrooke. He is a co-founder and current co-chair of Young physicians for public health (JMPSP), set up in 2014 in the wake of the changes introduced through Bill 10. This group comprises 10 or so medical residents, and aims to safeguard and promote the benefits provided by public health for Quebecers’ health, through social and conventional media. Dr Milot also created and co-ordinated international rotations on health system inequities, through the Médecins du Monde international network. His involvement shows a concern for his profession, and demonstrates his leadership and initiative.



Dr Martin Kuuskne
is an R4 in Emergency Medicine at McGill University. He contributed to the development of a simulation tool designed to perfect his colleagues’ knowledge. ResusHour is now an integral part of the training program in Emergency, providing more frequent exposure to resuscitation techniques for the Emergency Medicine resident team. He managed to obtain funds, in particular to buy a manikin and additional equipment. In November 2014, he organized the first simulation Olympiad in Emergency Medicine at McGill. His leadership and his communication and quality training promotion skills certainly merit recognition.



Dr Louis-Charles Moreau
is an R1 in Family Medicine at Laval University, training at the Manicouagan FMU. He rapidly made himself at home in his new environment, taking part in several sports activities, including the rehabilitation centre’s wheelchair basketball tournament, the 24-hour CrossFit for the palliative care home, and the Jeune Chambre de Manicouagan’s Journée Challenge 2014. His most striking project is a Montagnais language course which he organized, to help doctors integrate more fully into the community. Some 10 medical residents and practising physicians are taking part in this. It was for his initiative, leadership and concern for integration into the community that he won the first Excelsior Award for a family medicine resident.