September 25 2017

The new detailed prescription drug invoice from your pharmacy





Since September 15, 2017, your pharmacy’s prescription drug invoice will be more transparent. It will show the following :

  • The pharmacist’s fee 
  • The price of the molecule (medication)
  • The wholesaler’s (distributor’s) profit margin

Only one of these items will vary from one pharmacy to another : the pharmacists’ fee.

This new information significantly impacts the cost of group insurance. In fact, Quebec’s employees, employers, members and organizations that have group insurance plans pay close to half a billion dollars (based on 2013 data) more each year than those covered under the public drug insurance plan, as a result of higher pharmacists’ fees.

With a view to ensuring that employers and organizations can continue to offer plans to their employees or members, here a some actions you can take to help reduce costs :

  • Greater use of generic drugs
  • Prescription refills that cover longer periods
  • Compare costs between pharmacists.

For more information on the detailed invoice, visit :