• Complete the fellowship application form;
  • Before having it signed, email it to the person responsible for the Office of the Associate Dean for Postgraduate Medical Education of the faculty to which you are applying for your fellowship, for validation and confirmation that everything is complete and in order;
  • Once it is validated, print out the form and obtain the necessary signatures;
  • In the case of university or non-university recruitment, the MSSS requires that your PEM be confirmed without fail, and that your application be accompanied by a letter of confirmation from the DSP for your recruitment and from the Board of Directors of the establishment recruiting you. Failing this, your application will be denied;
  • In the case of a PEM linked to the retirement of a physician, a letter from that doctor confirming the effective date of his retirement is required;
  • When you have all the signatures, email the form, in a single PDF file, along with the letter and the other required documents;
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered;
  • Confirmation of your fellowship will be emailed to you by the MSSS;
  • Upon receipt of this positive response, you will be invited by the Office of the Associate Dean for Postgraduate Medical Education to complete your application for admission online and, as applicable, to forward the documents required for your admission file.