PEMs in university settings

  • To obtain a PEM in a university setting, candidates have to have performed 3-12 months of further training/fellowship.
  • This training may be performed in Quebec, upon recommendation of the Office of the Associate Dean and with MSSS approval. It is then paid for by the Quebec Health Insurance Board (RAMQ).
  • Further training/fellowships performed in Quebec are of no more than 2 years’ duration, and the second year requires justification from the MSSS.
  • The Ministry will pay only training/fellowships for which candidates have received confirmation that they will have a position in the PEM of a facility or establishment upon their return.
  • Those not able to obtain a fellowship position paid by RAMQ will not be able to carry out this training in Quebec.
  • Such training will have to be performed outside Quebec, even if the candidate could receive a bursary or have the money needed to pursue the training.
  • Training not paid by the MSSS is carried out with a clinical fellow card, and no doctor trained in Quebec (MD and/or postgraduate studies) may obtain the status of clinical fellow, following a government decree.
  • Moreover, it is recommended that you confirm a PEM with an establishment before your departure for your further training/fellowship, to ensure you have a position on your return.
  • Establishments with a university role are integrated university health and social services centres (centres intégrés universitaires de santé et de services sociaux, or CIUSSSs), while non-university establishments are integrated health and social services centres (centres intégrés de santé et de services sociaux, or CISSSs).

For more information on further training/fellowships, see the appropriate section.