Map of the Montérégie region - Central area
Map of the Montérégie region - East sector
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List of establishments’ recruitment priorities

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Liste des RLS :

RLS de Champlain 6 PREMs*
RLS du Haut-Richelieu-Rouville 6 PREMs
RLS Pierre-Boucher  6 PREMs
Combined territory of CLSCs
Saint-Bruno – Beloeil – Saint-Hilaire and CLSC Les Maskoutains
Territory of CLSC Acton 2 PREMs
RLS Pierre-De Saurel 6 PREMs
RLS de Vaudreuil-Soulanges 7 PREMs
RLS du Suroît  5 PREMs
RLS du Haut-Saint-Laurent 5 PREMs
RLS de Jardins-Roussillon 13 PREMs*


* Positions reserved in the 2018 PREM for “new billers” to meet urgent needs in a university family medicine group (1 position with GMF-U Charles-Lemoyne, 1 position with GMF-U Saint-Hubert, and 1 position with GMF-U Jardins-Roussillon). Any applicant for a GMF-U position has to have been selected by the Director of Family Medicine in the medical faculty concerned and must take the necessary steps to obtain a notice of compliance with the PREM of the region concerned during the initial application period.