Bursary Recipients

In late May, the MSSS forwards to the eligible DRMGs a list of bursary recipients to be designated for the upcoming year, along with the form to be completed to show their interest in obtaining bursary recipients for their regions. 

In late June, the DRMGs have to inform the MSSS, by means of the duly completed form, of the number of bursary recipients being requested, the areas targeted for them to set up in practice, and the applications identified. 

Bursary recipients are notified of the regions’ lists and the geographical areas accessible to them. They then have until September 30 to express their preferences as to the designated area. 

In early October, the MSSS-FMOQ advisory committee will analyse the applications and make its recommendations to the Minister for the designation of bursary recipients. 

No later than October 15 of the current year, the DRMG is informed of the list of bursary recipients whose designation is officially recommended for its region and for whom a position will have to be set aside in the PREM. 

No later than October 15, bursary recipients are informed of the recommendation with respect to their designated region and their obligation to submit an application for a notice of compliance with the PREM for that region between October 15 and 31 of the current year. After October 31, a bursary recipient who has not submitted his compliance notice application for the recommended region is deemed to have withdrawn from his commitment as a bursary recipient. 

The DRMG is required to grant a PREM compliance notice to each of the bursary recipients recommended for its region who has submitted his compliance notice within the prescribed deadline. The DRMG then informs the MSSS of the location where it will be deploying the services of the bursary recipients recommended for its region, to ratify the designation officially.

Failing an adverse decision from the MSSS, the applicant’s designation as a bursary recipient remains valid, even in the event that the start of practice is deferred. In such a situation, and in order to comply with the requirement provided for in the Special Agreement to set up in practice within 12 months, the candidate is required to submit an application for a notice of compliance with the following year’s PREM, thus freeing up a position for a non-bursary recipient applicant who would set up in practice in the meantime.