Obtaining a PREM in a GMF-U

First, the DRMG has to set aside positions in the PREM to allow for the recruitment of physicians in the university family medicine groups (GMF-U, or UFMGs) to which the MSSS gives priority.

As soon as a candidate is identified to fill one of these positions, but no later than October 31, the director of the family medicine department of the medical faculty concerned must confirm his choice to the MSSS and the DRMG responsible for issuing the selected candidate’s compliance notice. 

If, as of October 31, no UFMG applicant is recommended for the priorities identified, the sub-area PREM compliance notice is then released and returns to the regional pool. The position in the PREM is then no longer set aside for a UFMG position, and can be attributed to another candidate, who will meet other available priorities.

When an academic applicant comes forward during the year to meet a UFMG priority recruitment recognized by the MSSS, recruitment will be possible provided the candidate is selected by the director of the family medicine department of the medical faculty concerned and a position in the sub-area’s PREM is available. If no subarea target is available, but positions remain vacant in the regional pool, the DRMG will have to use positions from the regional pool to meet this need. When a recruitment is used to meet priority academic needs, the DRMG may, on certain conditions and subject to approval from the Physician Resource Management Committee – General Practice (COGEM), grant a compliance notice over and above its regional target for authorized recruitment. The physician contemplated by the recruitment must :

  • Qualify with respect to inter-regional mobility and have accumulated three years’ active practice within the meaning of the agreements (i.e., 600 billing days at $518 per day);
  • Have obtained the recommendation of the director of the university family medicine department of the medical faculty concerned;
  • Have the expected practice profile in line with the guidelines recognized by COGEM;
  • Carry out all his patient registrations within the UFMG concerned.