Obtaining a PEM in an establishment

The physician resource plans (PEMs) in non-FM specialties are updated every month. 

Positions available in Quebec by specialty for the next 5 years – MSSS website


To obtain a position in the PEM of a facility (hospital, CLSC, residential and long-term care facility [CHSLD], etc.), you must send your appointment notice application to the Director of Professional Services (DSP) of the establishment that serves as the umbrella organization for that facility. A copy can also be sent to the Deputy DSP of the facility (hospital) where the position is located, and to the head of department/service concerned. Click here to consult the list of DSPs.

Appointment notice application form

Each facility may have requirements specific to its setting. So it is important to get in touch with the DSP’s office ahead of time to obtain the appointment notice application form the establishment uses, along with the list of associated documents required.



Please note that the Management Handbook for Physician Resources in Specialties has been updated in March 2021. A copy may be found in Appendix 9 of this section.


Note, however, three elements that have changed since the handbook was drafted.


1. Associate members in an establishment are required to hold a full PEM in another establishment or facility;


2. PREMs in the transplant field are no longer in effect;


3. Establishments are no longer granted additional recruitment opportunities (ORAs).


Finally, no position will be added to or withdrawn from the 2018-2020 Plan until its expiry.


Any additional position will be granted via waiver only, at the request of a Director of Professional Services.


A Five-year Plan is to be drawn up over the next two years for the period from 2021 to 2025.


Several technical terms are used to designate care delivery sites, etc. We invite you to consult our online glossary for further information.