June 30 2020

Discover the New Board of Directors

Learn more about its 10 members. The elections took place during the Delagates' Assembly Meeting on June 13.

April 21 2020

A Tool to Recognize and Put an End to Psychological Harassment

In this pandemic period, people are more stressedtherefore more irritable and sometimes even more aggressive. Be careful, as the number of cases of psychological harassment is likely to increase. To help youwe have prepared an algorithm.  

April 19 2020

Reacts Pro Plan: Free Subscription for Our Members

The FMRQ, in concert with the MSSS and your faculty of medicine, has agreed to facilitate access to the Reacts platform to resident doctors in Quebec.

April 07 2020

A barometer to measure your psychological health and advice to manage your stress

Measure if you are in psychological health, in reactionweakened or in critical condition thanks to this self-assessment tool for your psychological vital signs prepared by the Quebec Physicians Health Program (QPHP). Thenread the document “Managing our reactions to stress” also prepared by the QPHPMost of all, do not hesitate to ask for help if you feel you need it. 

March 06 2020

FMRQ labour tribunal victory: Female resident doctors are indeed entitled to preventive removal

In its ruling handed down on February 24, 2020, Quebec’s labour tribunal (TAT, or Tribunal administratif du travail) confirmed that female resident doctors are entitled to preventive removal. In its judgment, the TAT stated the self-evident fact—which strangely appeared to have been unclear to the first-tier decision-makers of the CNESST, Quebec’s labour standards and workmen’s compensation board—that female resident doctors are workers within the meaning of the Act respecting occupational health and safety, and are therefore eligible for the “For A Safe Maternity Experience” program, which provides access to the benefits provided for in the Act respecting industrial accidents and occupational diseases. This ruling therefore confirms the rights of women who choose to have children during their residency. Although it is somewhat absurd that the FMRQ should have had to go to court on this issue to defend our members’ self-evident rights, we are proud to highlight this victory on the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day.

December 27 2018

Interpretation Guide to the 2015-2021 Collective Agreement

We invite you to consult The Interpretation Guide to the FMRQ 2015-2021 Collective Agreement which is now posted on our website. We remind you that, for any questions concerning your work conditions, you may also get in touch with the FMRQ directly by calling 514-282-0256 or 1-800-465-0215, or emailing

December 26 2018

Competence by Design (CBD)

The Royal College is continuing to integrate the various training programs into the competency-based approach, or Competence by Design. Already, eight programs have been following the CBD model since July 1, 2018. Last year, the FMRQ had published a report on the impact of CBD on Quebec’s medical residents, based on semi-structured interviews conducted on two of these programs. Early in 2019, the FMRQ will be polling medical residents registered in CBD in the eight programs concerned, to see whether our recommendations have been taken into consideration and identify any issues that still deserve attention from us and the other stakeholders concerned.

August 27 2018

Competence By Design

Training Site Challenges - FMRQ's 15 recommendations to faculty authorities

July 24 2018

R1 Welcoming Day

The R1 Welcoming Day was held on July 20 at the Old Port’s Belvédère in Montreal. 

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