Main sources of information

Quebec Career Day

The FMRQ’s yearly Quebec Career Day is attended each October by some 120 healthcare establishments and facilities and 850 medical residents, to discuss each side’s needs and initiate the process of obtaining a PEM.

Outside Quebec Career Day

The FMRQ’s yearly Outside Quebec Career Day is attended each February by 40 or so healthcare establishments and facilities from other provinces and the United States. Some 350 medical residents take part, either because they are seeking a position outside Quebec or because they wish to discuss the possibility of performing further training/fellowships outside Quebec.

FMRQ Presentation Tour on PEMs in specialties in training sites

Each year, the FMRQ meets medical residents and teaching physicians to give them the latest information on PEMs in specialties. The FMRQ sends a letter to all program directors, associate deans, and deans, to inform them of the Presentation Tour on PEMs in specialties. Medical residents can also ask the FMRQ for a presentation, which lasts approximately one hour. To request such a presentation in your program, you may email the FMRQ at

Personalized service

The FMRQ also offers individualized service for medical residents having trouble confirming a position in Quebec. For any information, residents may contact Johanne Carrier by calling 514-282-0256 or 1-800-465-0215, or emailing

MSSS site

The Ministry posts and regularly updates a list of positions available in the different healthcare establishments in Quebec, and in institutes.