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The Fédération des médecins résidents du Québec (FMRQ) is a professional union bringing together the medical resident associations of Quebec’s four medical schools: University of Montreal, McGill University, University of Sherbrooke and Laval University (in Quebec City).

The study, defence and advancement of the economic, social, moral, academic and professional interests of the unions and their members.

The organization currently has some 4,000 members, headed for a practice in family medicine or one of the 59 other specialties recognized in Quebec. The duration of postgraduate education in family medicine is two years, with the possibility of performing further training (fellowships), while in medical or surgical specialties it varies from four to six years.

Within the framework of its activities, the Fédération des médecins résidents du Québec is responsible for the negotiation of collective agreement, and ensures that they are complied within training sites. It also negotiates a series of financial services and personal insurance services. In addition, it has among other things organized Career Day, a medical employment fair representing all regions of Quebec, more than 20 years and the Family Medicine Conference, which is increasingly successful year after year.

The Federation also represents its members on more than 20 organizations and committees which are forging the future of Quebec’s health care system and of medicine in Canada. It puts forward the concerns of the upcoming generation of physicians, along with the solutions they wish to bring so as to enhance access to health care and the quality of the medical act, in a constant concern for meeting the growing needs of the population and maintaining the excellence of medicine in Quebec.

Among the issues which have prompted Federation leaders to speak out publicly over the years are improving medical residents’ working conditions and quality of life, the quality of postgraduate education, physician resource planning and distribution in Quebec, and recognition of medical residents’ role and their contribution to the health care system. In this context, the FMRQ regularly issues statements on the policies, draft legislation and regulations put forward by the Quebec government, and spotlights the inequities and negative impact of certain measures. The Federation also publishes documents and briefs putting forward medical residents’ position on several major issues affecting Quebec society.

The FMRQ has 11 permanent staff members. To get in touch with them, please click here


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