Group insurance with La Capitale





Enrolment and eligibility

Enrolment in the FMRQ’s group insurance plan is mandatory. A resident may, however, refuse to enrol in the health insurance part, for himself and his dependants, as applicable, provided he proves to the Insurer that he is insured under a group health insurance plan providing similar benefits.

Group insurance comes into effect following one month’s continuous service.

Choice of health insurance plans

On first enrolling, you have a choice of three plans: basic, intermediate and superior. Eligible expenses depend on the plan chosen, but all include prescription drug insurance, travel insurance and trip cancellation insurance.

N.B. The health insurance plan selected by the resident on enrolment remains in effect throughout residency, except when one of the following events occurs: birth or adoption of a first child, marriage, civil union or cohabitation for a minimum of 12 months, separation of more than 90 consecutive days, divorce or annulment of civil union, or death of spouse or dependent child. You then have 60 days following the event to change plans.

You will also have the opportunity to reconsider your choice at the start of your third year of residency (R3), during the yearly campaign to that effect each June.

Life insurance and long-term disability

The member’s life insurance benefit is one times the annual salary plus $6,400 paid by the establishment.

The waiting period (period not paid) for the long-term salary insurance coverage is 105 weeks. This period is covered by the short-term salary insurance in your collective agreement. So, at the start of the disability:

  • You apply to your establishment for short-term salary insurance benefits;
  • 5-day waiting period (taken from the 9.6 sick-bank days);
  • Then, 80% of the salary paid by the establishment for 104 weeks;

Once this period has elapsed, you apply for long-term salary insurance benefits:

  • 80% of the salary paid by La Capitale.

Forms and premium table

Go to La Capitale Insurance website to: 

  • Download the application forms for insurance, modification to insurance or reimbursement for expenses paid for medical drugs and medical or paramedical care
  • Consult the list of rates
  • Consulter la tarification
  • Get in touch with La Capitale

Change of status

To change from an individual to a family plan (or vice versa), you must complete the modifications to group insurance form, sign it and give it to the person responsible for group insurance at the hospital that pays you. If you do not know who the person responsible is, ask at the Medical Education office.

If prior to age 25 you were on a parent’s insurance plan as a dependant, you may modify your group insurance by adding the basic health insurance part (which usually includes drug insurance).

Dental insurance

For information on this plan, please click on the appropriate link:
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ARM residents’ dental plan (McGill)
AMReQ residents’ dental plan (Quebec City)
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