Psychological harassment

Despite some progress, psychological harassment is still present in training sites, and has a negative impact on the psychological wellness of its victims. The culture has to be changed in training sites and within the medical profession, to eliminate the stigmatization of victims of psychological harassment so that situations of harassment are reported and dealt with properly and in a timely manner.

The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) and the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) have made psychological harassment an accreditation criterion, whereby all trainings site must implement measures to intervene rapidly and effectively in such situations.

The FMRQ has also made it a priority: for medical residents, there is zero tolerance for psychological harassment.

In 2016, the FMRQ ran a campaign against intimidation and produced a leaflet to help recognize, report and eliminate intimidation. Consult it here

In cases of intimidation, moral harassment and sexual harassment

Residents contacting the FMRQ for information or assistance may choose not to identify themselves or to use an assumed name.

It is also the residents who choose the assistance mechanism or recourse best suited to them, and they are free to stop the entire process at any time.

For any information concerning recourse and resources with respect to intimidation, psychological harassment or sexual harassment, get in touch IN COMPLETE CONFIDENTIALITY with the Federation, at 514-282-0256 or 1-800-465-0215, or consult our Directory of resources.