Psychological distress/suicide


To meet the needs of these medical residents, the FMRQ’s Resident Wellness Committee has set up different projects to raise awareness in training settings of the difficulties experienced by medical residents: Medical Resident Day, held annually in the spring, and the Health and Wellness Tour, which aims to meet with program directors and their teams to stimulate discussion that often helps correct situations before they become a problem.


Also, the distress suffered by certain medical residents sometimes has drastic consequences, when they decide to take their own lives. The Federation has set itself the mission of raising medical residents’ awareness of the resources to which they have access in such cases. Suicide is a desperate response associated with a problem of mental health. Action has to be taken. If you or a colleague are suffering from psychological distress, do not hesitate to consult the Quebec Physicians’ Health Program, the FMRQ or the physician of your choice; or get in touch with Suicide Action. Contact information for all these organizations may be found in the FMRQ’s Directory of resources.