Fellowships outside Quebec

Fellowships performed outside Quebec are subject to rules specific to the province or country concerned. They must usually be planned no later than one year prior to the end of residency. Such an approach is made on an individual basis. You may consult colleagues or teaching physicians for information on the settings that would be most likely to provide you with the training you seek and/or that is required by your future practice site.

In all cases, you must take at least the following steps:

  • Identify funding sources (site recruiting you, scientific foundation or association bursaries, moonlighting in your position or in other provinces, etc.);
  • Ensure that you confirm your departure with RAMQ in order to be covered as needed. Also check with the site concerned whether it is not preferable to take out additional health insurance just in case;
  • Obtain a work visa for the United States or other countries, in order to be able to practise in those sites;
  • Obtain a permit to practise from the US state or the country concerned;
  • Take out malpractice insurance on site. If you are occasionally performing moonlighting in Quebec during this period, make sure also that you are covered by the CMPA.