Fellowships not paid for by RAMQ (outside Quebec)

Physicians having done their pre-MD or postgraduate (residency) training in medicine in Quebec who do not obtain a fellowship position paid by RAMQ may not perform a fellowship in Quebec, even if they could receive a bursary or have the funds necessary to pay for their training. This rule stems from a government decree which stipulates that doctors having completed their pre-MD and/or postgraduate training in Quebec cannot obtain a clinical fellow card, which is mandatory for registration in a fellowship.

These doctors will therefore have to perform their fellowships in another province, the United States, or elsewhere. Note that the number of fellowships paid by the Ministry of Health and Social Services is not necessarily equal to the number of positions in university settings granted that year. It is therefore possible that, although you have obtained a position in an establishment’s PEM, you might have to perform your fellowship outside Quebec.