Union Affairs Committee (CAS)

The Union Affairs Committee (CAS) makes recommendations to the Board of Directors through the Director responsible for Union Affairs on any matter relating to medical residents’ work conditions. The Committee also provides its opinion with respect to any question submitted to it in that regard, and, as applicable, lobbies the different bodies in connection with union affairs, on the basis of positions established by the Federation. It is also the Union Affairs Committee’s task to monitor application of resident doctors’ collective agreement.





Dr Amélie Deschamps

Board Member responsible for Union Affairs






Dr Ségolène Chagnon-Monarque

Vice President (AMRM)

 Dr Olivier Vaillancourt

Vice President (ARM)


Dr Juliette Lemieux-Forget

Vice President (AMReQ)








Dr Heithem Joober

Vice president (AMReS)


Mme Marie-Anik Laplante

Coordinator, Union Affairs