Physician Resource Planning Committee (CPEM)


The Physician Resource Planning Committee (CPEM) makes recommendations to the Board of Directors through the Vice President of the Federation, on any matter relating to physician resources in specialties. The Committee also provides its opinion with respect to any question submitted to it in that regard, and, as applicable, lobbies the different bodies in connection with physician resources in specialties, on the basis of positions established by the Federation.





Dr Alex Vignola

FMRQ Vice president

Responsable for the Physican Resource

Planning Committee




Dr Karla Samman

Vice President (AMRM)






Dr Suzanne Kazandjian

Vice President (ARM)


Dr Guillaume Dumais-Lévesque

Vice President (AMReQ)







Dr Darya Seyed-Jalaledin

Vice President (AMReS)


Ms Johanne Carrier

Director, Communications and Public Affairs/
Physician Resources– Specialties