Appendix 2 : Procedure for obtaining a position in a speciality

  • Get in touch with the head of department/service, and with the Deputy Director of Professional Services of the facility and/or the Director of Professional Services (DSP) of the establishment to find out the status of the PEM, and to obtain the appointment notice application form and the list of requirements specific to that facility.
  • When you have made your choice, send the appointment notice application form to the Director of Professional Services of the establishment concerned (this form is available from the DSP’s office or on the RAMQ website).
  • The application will first be evaluated by the Credentials Review Committee, which makes a positive or negative recommendation concerning your application to the Council of Physicians, Dentists and Pharmacists (CPDP). If your application is favourably received, it will be forwarded to the establishment’s Board of Directors.
  • If your application is accepted, the Board of Directors will submit an application to the Ministry of Health and Social Services to confirm this position and ensure that this appointment is in compliance with the establishment’s PEM.
  • If the MSSS agrees, it issues a notice of compliance with the PEM and forwards it to the establishment.
  • The establishment (CISSS, CIUSSS, Institute, etc.) must, as early as possible or within 90 days following receipt of an appointment notice application, send the applicant a written decision setting out his privileges.
  • The grounds for any refusal must be given in writing.
  • The physician must confirm his decision and acceptance of his conditions of appointment in writing within 60 days following the notification date in order for his privileges to be validated.

Positions in university settings

For positions in university settings, candidates must perform a fellowship of 3 to 12 months’ duration. Some establishments may also require more than one year of fellowship. Some non-university establishments may also require a fellowship in order to cater to a specific need that will meet the requirements of the population in their territory. For further information on fellowships, consult the section on that topic on our site.

Sites’ informal requirements

Please note that a number of facilities require medical residents seeking positions to perform at least one optional rotation in their site, so they can be evaluated. In some cases, they also require rotation evaluations from the entire residency. It is not mandatory to supply these documents, and the University may not forward documents in your file unless you authorize them to do so. In all cases, the decision is yours.