Validity of rotations

75% rule: A rotation is valid only if the resident has been present for 75% of the actual number of working days in the period.

  • All leave provided for in the agreement (e.g., conference days, study leave, etc.) is considered to be days of absence. For instance, you are entitled to a maximum of one week’s leave (5 working days) in a 28-day rotation (20 working days).
  • Attending Quebec Career Day, Outside Career Day, the Symposium on PREMs in FM or Medical Resident Day and participating in accreditation visits as a surveyor resident are not considered absences. Consult the letter concerning release of residents without penalty for certain activities.
  • Post-call days, including those arising from weekend call duty, are not considered absences.

Mcgill University

A document interpreting the 75% rule, provided by ARM, is available on the University website:

University of Montreal

The 75% rule is mentioned in the Resident’s Handbook (Guide pratique du resident) and the Postgraduate Education Regulations (Règlement des études postdoctorales).

An Interpretation guide for Article 11.5 c) of the Postgraduate Medical Education Regulations (Guide d'interprétation de l'article 11.5 c) du Règlement des études médicales postdoctorales) adopted by the Postgraduate Medical Education Committee provides further details concerning the 75% rule.

Laval University

The validity of rotations is addressed in the Resident’s Handbook (Guide du resident):

The Office of the Associate Dean for Postgraduate Medical Education offers a Guide for Applying the Principles Regarding Validity of a Rotation (Guide d’application des principes relatifs à la validité d’un stage), which is available on the Intranet.

University of Sherbrooke

The 75% rule is detailed in the Rule for Validity of a Rotation (Règle relative à la validité d’un stage). This document, adopted by the Postgraduate Medical Education Committee, is available on the Intranet.