University academic regulations

Residency is governed by a number of directives, policies and procedures that you have to be familiar with.

Visit your University’s website or your Intranet to find these rules, which provide the framework for the different aspects of your residency, such as:

  • rotation evaluations and types of recourse possible;
  • probation, remediation contracts, FLEX, or success support plans;
  • exclusion process and types of recourse possible;
  • program changes;
  • university transfers. 

McGill university

All policies and procedures governing residency are available on the Faculty website.

University of Montreal

The Resident’s Handbook (Guide pratique du résident) presents the main rules governing residency: Faculty of Medicine, Postgraduate Medical Education.

Laval University

Faculty of Medicine

By connecting to your Intranet, you should find the main rules governing your residency.

University of sherbrooke

Connect to your Intranet to find most procedures, rules and policies governing evaluations, promotion, exclusion, or remediation contracts.

If you have any questions on the University rules or your academic path, feel free to get in touch, IN COMPLETE CONFIDENTIALITY, with Stéphanie Chevance, FMRQ Co-ordinator, Assistance for University Affairs, by calling 514-282-0256 or (toll-free) 1-800-465-0215, or emailing