Out-of-Quebec rotations: evaluation and pay

Within the framework of his postgraduate education, it is possible for a resident who so wishes to perform a rotation outside Quebec. In most cases, these rotations can be credited in the candidate’s academic file.

Thus, the collective agreement provides that a resident can do two months’ rotation if he is registered in family medicine, and six months’ rotation in any other specialty. These permitted months of rotation have to be divided into two categories. First, one month’s rotation in family medicine or three months in any other specialty can be accepted, provided the rotation meets the condition of being “not very or not at all available in Quebec.” For the remaining months, i.e., one month in family medicine and three months in other specialties, the rotation has to be used in order to “acquire any other elective competency.”

To have access to either type of rotation, you will have to submit the Collège des médecins du Québec form entitled “Request for a rotation in a non accredited site, Quebec and outside Quebec,” jointly completed with your program director. The latter determines whether the rotation is compatible with the current training program and provides his opinion as to whether it is “not very or not at all” available in Quebec. The program director then sends the form to the Associate Dean for Postgraduate Medical Education, who approves it before forwarding it to the Collège for evaluation and approval. The form should be forwarded to the Collège at least 90 days before the rotation begins. It is the Collège that has to ensure that the rotation outside Quebec can be recognized within the framework of your training. If the rotation is approved, it will be paid for by your base hospital.

There is no reimbursement for travel expenses for rotations outside Quebec.