In Family Medicine or in other Specialties paid Fellowships in Quebec

Any fellowship of six months’ duration or less requires only the approval of the Associate Dean for Postgraduate Medical Education, which is often dependent on the requirements of the chosen practice setting.

For any fellowship of one year’s duration or more paid by the Quebec health insurance board (RAMQ), with a view to a position in a university or non-university setting, there are certain requirements. You must apply to the faculty concerned using a special form available on the medical faculties’ sites. The application must meet the requirements of the sought-after practice site. In the case of university recruitment, you must also submit a letter of undertaking from a director of professional services, as required by the MSSS. If no position is available, the DSP will have to ensure that he clearly conveys his needs to the authorities concerned in order to be able to recruit you.

If no establishment supports your application, you will have to submit a letter presenting the reasons you think justify your fellowship, in line with the needs of the population. The letter is sent to the Associate Dean for Postgraduate Medical Education of the faculty where you want to perform this training. If the application is approved by the faculty, it is then submitted for approval to the Conference of Associate Deans for Postgraduate Medical Education and the MSSS.

To access instructions and application forms for fellowships (extension of training), you may consult the following sites:

University of Montreal

McGill University

Laval University

University of Sherbrooke

Get in touch with the Office of the Associate Dean at 819-564-5206.

Please note that the deadline for submitting your application is February 1 for the academic year starting the following July 1.