In other specialties

To find out the deadlines for registration for specialty exams and for forwarding your preliminary applications for assessment or application for final assessment, go to the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) site. You will also have to submit to the RCPSC an application for assessment of your postgraduate education. To do so, you must contact the Royal College Credentials Unit at least one year before sitting the exams. Submit your application well before the deadline for your specialty, so as to avoid late payment fees. The assessment usually takes six months, but can take longer. Moreover, there are fees associated with this assessment. Consult the College site at and click on Policies and Procedures for Certification and Fellowship.

Medical residents in specialties whose residency is to end no later than February 28 can sit the certification exams the previous fall. Those completing their residency no later than December 31 can take the certification exams in the spring of the same academic year.